YES Arusha 

Youth Educational Support

About our students

YES Arusha currently supports 57 students with sponsorships and scholarships for primary and secondary schooling in Arusha, Tanzania.

The children who have been identified for sponsorship were selected due to their desperate need for care and education. Our students each have a unique background and story behind them. Many have suffered from abuse and poor health, but they all share a common need for education. 

We are supporting a number of orphaned students who all receive additional support. A majority of our students are living with single mothers who are struggling to support large families on their own.

What YES Arusha provides:

YES Arusha is providing funds to enable children to access an education who would otherwise have never had that opportunity. The children are sponsored to attend Haradali Primary School and Haradali Secondary School; successful and independently run schools in Arusha, Tanzania.

YES Arusha provides support in 4 main areas:

Education – tuition fees at Haradali Primary and Secondary School for sponsored students
– the costs associated with education such as books, shoes, bags, etc.
– additional living support is given when necessary, such as, support for accommodation when children are without a safe place to live.
– support toward infrastructure/buildings such as the ‘Safe House’ and the school library.

About Haradali Primary and Secondary Schools

Haradali Primary School is located 12km east of Arusha City, Tanzania. The school was officially opened in 2005 with just one small class. Today there are more than 1,000 students attending this incredible primary school. Haradali is Swahili for “mustard seed”, a seed which is the size of a grain of sand yet grows into a tree. This parable was the inspiration behind The Haradali School – start small, but grow large. In the past few years Haradali’s results have been among the country’s best for graduating students. Haradali is an English Medium School - this means that all classes are taught in English (except for Kiswahili class). Classes include; English, Maths, Science, Civics, Geography, History, Art, French, Sport and Computer Studies.

The school’s manager, Simon Severua, is an inspirational man. He founded the school on his own land which he had inherited. Simon was working for an international development organisation called FIDA (Finland International Development Association), which funded community projects across East Africa. He started Haradali as a small side project to give something back to his community. In early 2013, Simon retired from his position with FIDA and is now working full time with the school. 

In 2016, Simon opened Haradali Secondary School in a separate campus located 30km out of Arusha. This new school is already proving to be a successful counterpart to the primary school. All students at the secondary school living on campus in the boarding dormitories to ensure that they can focus on their studies. 


“Simon is a good friend of mine and it would be impossible to find a more trustworthy person. Our partnership with Haradali is something special and through our combined efforts we will make incredible changes to children’s lives in Tanzania.”           Lachlan Miller, Founder of YES Arusha