YES Arusha 

Youth Educational Support

About Us

Mission Statement

YES Arusha identifies the needs of specific children and provides the means to access education in a safe environment.

Our Vision

Through education, enable a life of choice, opportunity and dignity rather than one dictated by the constraints of poverty.


year old Brisbane born, Lachlan Miller found his calling to support a number of children from disadvantaged families in Africa who would otherwise never have had the opportunity to receive an education.  In 2010 Lachlan deferred his University of Queensland studies and, in looking for life’s direction, took his first trip to Tanzania, Africa. It was during this trip that the Tanzanian children captured Lachlan’s heart. Upon his return to Australia he immediately began planning a return trip to Africa. In 2011 he made his second journey to Tanzania.  This trip, however, was marred by disappointment at witnessing incidences of injustice which spurred Lachlan to decide that he should take matters into his own hands. His vision was to assist children from the poorest of families to access a proper education, one that would enable a life of choice, opportunity and dignity.

Educated in Brisbane’s western suburbs, Lachlan is and remains aware of the value of education. Upon his return, once again, to Australia, the search was on to find help and financial support to facilitate placement in a hand chosen school that would meet the needs of the children.  Haradali Primary School, located in Arusha, Tanzania, was the school of choice. Haradali is Swahili for “mustard seed”, a seed which is the size of a grain of sand yet grows into a tree. This seed was the inspiration behind Haradali Primary School – start small but grow large. Lachlan and the manager of Haradali, Simon, realised they shared a common purpose and Lachlan began a partnership with the school and began successfully placing children at Haradali, as well as organising uniforms, books, day to day school needs, boarding fees and food packs for families.  During 2012 and 2013 Lachlan continued to successfully secure sponsors for his group children. To formalise this work, in 2013 he enlisted the help of family and friends and established a company for charitable purposes called “YES Arusha”, with “YES” an acronym for “Youth Educational Support”. 

Since then, Lachlan returned to study a Bachelor of Social Science (majoring in Development) at the University of Queensland. He completed this degree in 2015. YES Arusha has still continued to grow steadily with the backing of hundreds of supporters from Australia and abroad. The sponsorship program is now stable and in 2015 YES Arusha completed the Safe House project in partnership with Haradali. Now, a new merit-based scholarship program will be the focus for 2017 and into the near future. 


Whilst back in Australia, Lachlan now studies a Master of International Relations program at the University of Melbourne. It has been encouraging to Lachlan to receive such great support from the community, family and friends, but like most charitable projects, more generous funding is always needed.

Board of Directors

The YES Arusha Board was established in 2013.  The Board comprises 4 members –

Lachlan MillerFounder, and a Master of International Relations student at the University of Melbourne.

Stephen Gillespie – an educator, currently teaching at Our Lady of the Southern Cross College in Dalby, Australia.

Pam McDonald – an Occupational Therapist, working with and advocating for children with language and associated disorders in Brisbane, Australia.

Stephanie Welsh - a Master of Social Work Studies student with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Anthropology and Peace & Conflict Studies.

The role of the Board is to oversee and direct activities to fulfill the mission of YES Arusha. The YES Arusha constitution and company documents are available for public viewing upon request.